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Welcome to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my everyday life.
      This has been a bad weekend.  On Friday night, my boyfriend's and my dog died.  We knew it was coming and it was more his dog than mine, but I was still sad.  I managed to be strong and not cry until last night.  What started out as tears of disappointment over the Broncos-Raiders game turned into tears of sadness about her and I cried for about half an hour.  I felt like such a baby.
      As far as news stories go, I'm upset over Dick Ebersol's plane crash.  I hope his missing son is okay and I hope that Mr. Ebersol recovers completely. 
      Not everything was bad last night.  I found out that a running back for the Broncos, Ruben Droughns, is not only a great running back, but a great person.  They said during the game last night that he grew up with pretty much nothing and when he got a letter jacket in college, it meant a great deal to him.  However, as much as it meant to him, he chose to give it to a homeless woman.  What a special person!  I also saw the Broncos jell together as a team and saw Jake Plummer do an awesome job of leading them.  If it hadn't been for a blocked field goal, we would have won.  All in all, I saw that they have great's just a matter of time.
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     Today is my boyfriend's and my six-month anniversary.  I didn't think we'd last this long when we first got together.  I figured it was just a fling thing (after all he's 57 and I'm 28 and I met him while I was on vacation) but I love him so much.  We fight like cats and dogs at times, but we make up pretty quickly.  So, Happy Anniversary Tommy!
I can't believe it's December already....almost the end of the year.  I'm going to get my own computer this weekend.  Right now I'm sharing one with my boyfriend and it's driving me nuts.  I'm not good at sharing
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I'm sorry I didn't update for the past few days.  I got a new computer and it took me longer to get it set up than I thought it would.  Now, I've got my own and I've got it set up so I'm happy.