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Take the quiz: "What gemstone are you?"

Your gemstone is Amethyst. You are innocent, youthful, and sweet. You have simple goals and clear morals.
The meaning of life for you is love. You old

What is the meaning of life? ( Just for fun! ^_^)(image results)
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I wish for love.... Somone wishing for love couldnt do better than to
wish for you! You would be the perfect other
half in any relationship. Compassionate, warm,
and romantic, you'd set the sparks flying and
not be afraid of commitment. You like love and
it's effects, so you'd be a perfect match.
You'd always support your partner and help them
be the best they can.

Who's wish are you? (*complete with anime images*)
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Which Broadway Character Are You?
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You're Juliet Capulet from Romeo and Juliet by
Shakespeare! Rapatious, love-starved and
tragic, you are determined to get your man!

Which Heroine of Classic Literature are you?
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