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You are Erin.
You are Erin. Pretty as a picture, with a taste
for romance, you are soft and feminine. But you
have a bit of a temper, and careful of that

Which Waltons Female Are You?
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First Lady Abigail Adams
You are Abigail Adams! You have an active,
inquisitive mind and are very well-read. You
are both independent and an independent
thinker, and your opinions on any number of
subjects are valued. You are devoted to your
husband, and he returns that devotion in full

Which First Lady are You the Most Like?
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Your Jo the spirited rebel who loves to write. Your
creative, intelligent, and hate change.

The Little Women Quiz
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You are HELEN! Yours is "the face that launched a thousand
ships". A child of Zeus and Leda the swan,
you were the most beautiful of all mortal
women, but your loveliness made you the victim
of abduction, jealousy, sabotage--and you
really pissed off a Goddess as well! In the
end, the sight of your beautiful breast was
enough to keep your jealous husband from
killing you, and you lived happily ever after.

What Beautiful and Tragic Mythic Woman Are You?
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Healing Elf
You are the Healing Elf! A beautiful girl with a
kind heart, you'd do anything to help anyone...
Even if they were mean to you once before. The
world needs more people like you... Feel proud
to be one of the few gifted people with a good

Which Elf are you? (Female)
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Bobbie Jo (Pat Woodell and Lori Saunders)
You are Bobbie Jo Bradley (played on the show first
by Pat Woodell and later by Lori Saunders
[pictured left to right])! You're the brunette
Bradley girl whose stunning looks are matched
by your wealth of knowledge. What you lack in
common sense, you make up for with your book
smarts. You love nothing more than to talk of
literature and philosophy and explore the
deeper meaning and true romance in life. It
took you awhile to warm up to the opposite sex,
but when you did, you were quite the catch!
You're profoundly intelligent, lovely, and

Which Petticoat Junction Character Are You?
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sweet kitty
You're a kitty, independant but sweet and sometimes
a little bit shy

Which of these super cuties are you?
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fire of the heart
Fire of the heart, you can be called a good fire
because you almost do no harm to anyone. Please
rate or try one of my other quizzes :).

! And what kind of fire are you?!
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Beast and Belle, clasic and stunning, you are the
most romantic. You are always willing to work
things out and you have a strong relationship.
You love a night of dinner and dancing as long
as you have somone you love with you. A
beatiful couple and a tale as old as time.

What Disney Romance are you?
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You are the Princess Aurora. You love health,
beauty, and nature.

Which Vintage Disney Girl are you?
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Take the quiz: "With what element are you most associated?"

You are the element Air. You are attractive, be it physically or mentally. You have many friends. You like to be on the cutting-edge of things, and are able to change yourself whenever it is neccessary. You are fickle.