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This is my quilt.  The first patch is mine.  You can take it and link it to: if you'd like.  If you have a quilt patch, please email it to me.  For my Love to Quilt welcome quilt, click here.  For my homeplaces quilt, click here.  I also have an autumn quilt, a Thanksgiving quilt, a Disney quilt, a dolphin quilt, a country cottage quilt, a 1950's quilt, a seashell quilt, a swan quilt, a daisy quilt, a Garden of Friendship quilt, a WOSIB quilt, a Graphic Quilters quilt, a patriotic quilt, a Victorian quilt, a fruit quilt, a Care Bear quilt, a Strawberry Shortcake quilt, a Little Mermaid Cartoon Pass quilt, a butterfly quilt,  a Labrador Retriever quilt, a chinaware quilt,  a teddy bear quilt, a college/university quilt and memorial quilts for Reggie White and Christopher Reeve.